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Friday, August 19, 2005

Rock Climbing

One of our staffers left a voice mail message for LaVarr Webb, which made its way to the pages of the Utah Policy Daily. DISCLAIMER: Although bright and at least moderately gifted, Ric Cantrell is kind of crazy and we take no responsibility for his extra curricular activities.

Friday Buzz
Written by LaVarr Webb & Associates

Ric’s Got My Back

Ric Cantrell of the Utah Senate Majority office periodically calls and tries to convince me to go rock-climbing with his Thursday lunchtime rock-climbing group, made up mostly of legislative staffers. So far I’ve been able to find valid excuses, beyond being too old, too fat and worrying that some Democrat will push me off a Big Cottonwood Canyon cliff. But Ric’s invitation is reassuring: “We find it’s a lot better to go on dangerous adventures with good friends. That way we’ll really try to save your life if you get in trouble. On the other hand, if you do happen to die, we can embellish what happened so it sounds really cool to your family and friends.” Ric is always looking for new victims, so if you want to go rock-climbing, call him at the Senate.


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