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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Garden Work

By Lyle Hillyard
District 25: Cache and Rich Counties

As the days turn colder and I am busy completing my garden work for the year, I have to stop and wonder why being a gardener brings such enjoyment. I grew up on a small farm in Smithfield and there was always work to be done, but gardening was not one of the tasks I enjoyed.

When I married Alice, however, her father had a large garden next to the family home and I never turned down a chance to work there.

So much of my work as an attorney and legislator leaves me feeling like I have not accomplished anything immediate - but one hour in the garden quickly shows the impact of my efforts. There is also something about working in the quiet time of early morning or just as it is getting dark. There is nothing like “new potatoes”, fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes, or raspberries all freshly picked and eaten.

When my brother-in-law left the valley to serve a mission I needed assistance in the garden. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find college students willing to put in the time needed. None of them lasted very long. Maybe it is too easy to just go to the store and buy what you want. There really is a difference, however, between what you grow and what you can buy.

Most of the old garden spots near my garden area have been abandoned because people think they are too much work. Be that as it may, I know that I will find a lot of new friends if the grocery stores ever run short of food.


Anonymous Sandy T. said...

I enjoyed Sen. Hillyard's garden essay and have, in the past, enjoyed the fruits of his labors even more! Thank you, Sen. Hillyard, for your example of hard work and generosity as you're shared with friends. You're amazing!

10/14/2005 12:34 PM  
Anonymous strawberryfieldsfrvr@yahoo.com said...

What a sweet article. Thank you for your timely inspiring thoughts Senator Hillyard. And thanks to the Utah Senate for creating this great site. It provides information on the issues and easy access the our Senators for those of us who aren't high powered lobbyists. :)

10/14/2005 5:04 PM  

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