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Friday, October 21, 2005

Justice For All

Today’s Deseret Morning News Editorial is worth reading.
When the Pledge of Allegiance says "justice for all," it is not only referring to the outcast and disenfranchised who in other nations have no recourse to justice, it refers to anyone — movie star, mogul or congressional mover — who gets flying high and feels he has risen above the lowly machinery of the American judicial system....

Americans don't need a "patron" — a person in high places to watch out for their best interest. They have a document, The Bill of Rights, to do that. Principle — not people — is the bottom line when it comes to criminal cases.
No one here thinks it’s acceptable when people trusted with great responsibility abuse that trust. (We’ll wait for the courts to scrutinize the evidence and discover if that, in fact, has occurred in the DeLay case.) It does, however, make us proud and grateful to live in a land constitutionally devoted to good principles, not human personalities.


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