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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Legacy Negotiations

Senator Sheldon Killpack on the Legacy Parkway:
"It is not a done deal," said state Sen. Sheldon Killpack, R-Syracuse, who helped negotiate the settlement announced last month. "I think there is probably a little bit of a misperception out there that this is going to be a quick walk in the park and that everybody is whistling Dixie. I just know personally that that is not the case."
Read Matt Canham’s Legacy deal now faces obstacles in Legislature in today's Tribune.


Blogger google_PEAK_OIL said...

There is a day coming sometime within a decade (I believe it will be much sooner) when it will be commonly understood that the world will no longer be able to grow the rate of motor fuel production and that alternative technology vehicles will never be a large scale substitute for petroleum powered ones. The unavoidable consequence is that vehicle miles traveled will also reach a peak and growth of highway traffic carrying capacity will be pointless. If the Legacy Parkway is not built before this day happens, it never will be. The Legacy Parkway is in a race that I hope it loses. The legal delays, rather than costing Utah a few hundred million may end up saving it a billion if they eventually cause the Legacy Parkway to lose that race.
And I hope that Senator Killpack continues to pursue corridor preservation like a rat on a donut. Not so that highways will eventually be built there. They wont. So that nothing will be built there. We're really going to need that land for local farming in the future.

10/21/2005 7:34 PM  

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