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Friday, October 28, 2005

Radio Waves

Bob Bernick reveals the seamy underworld of Utah Senators on the radio.

In other news, the Tax Reform Task Force wrapped up their statewide series of public hearings last night. You can read The Spectrum’s report here.

The Task Force will reconvene on November 2nd and again on November 7th to finalize their proposals. The crystal ball in the senate closet indicates Governor Huntsman’s plan and Representative Urqhart’s proposal (or some slight modification of either) seem to have momentum. Of course it's too early to know exactly what the Task Force will recommend.

We are grateful to all Utah citizens who have become actively engaged in this process.

Call anytime.


Blogger Kevin said...

You think radio is seamy, wait until the do-gooders of the world start exposing the seamy underside of blogs. With the right adjectives, a bit of name calling and the use of snarl words, it is possible to make linking, open discourse and bad humor that dominates blogs sound list sinister underworld corruption.

PS, I hope no-one is seriously considering a newspaper tax ... right now newspapers are struggling with all the new replacement technologies on line.

10/29/2005 5:41 PM  

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