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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Resolution in Support of Legacy

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce passed a Resolution in support of the Legacy Parkway Agreement In Principle (text below).

See Sheldon Killpack’s Legacy Parkway Blog for more information. The plaintiffs, UDOT, and the legislative working group are currently engaged in discussions to work out the details of a final agreement. The final agreement will be considered by the legislature - perhaps as early as a Special Session in November.


WHEREAS: The Salt Lake Chamber has gone on record and adopted a previous resolution supporting construction of the Legacy Parkway and hereby reaffirms that support; and

WHEREAS: The Salt Lake Chamber has been, and continues to be, a vocal and pro-active proponent of improvements to Utah’s transportation infrastructure that boost safety, enhance efficiency, increase mobility, and foster economic development, growth, and commerce; and

WHEREAS: the plaintiffs have sued the State of Utah to stop or otherwise severely restrict the construction of the proposed Legacy Parkway, resulting in lost-time, waste of taxpayer funds, and environmental degradation resulting from a grid-locked I-15 which has in effect been a tax on our economic vitality and our quality of life; and

WHEREAS: the Chamber supports a healthy balance between economic development and environmental protection; and

WHEREAS: The State of Utah recently entered into an agreement-in-principle with the plaintiffs to end the litigation and allow construction to proceed; and

WHEREAS: The agreement-in-principle includes some restrictions and provisions that the Chamber deems detrimental to economic development, growth, and commerce including a prohibition of trucks using Legacy Parkway; and

WHEREAS: Unfettered mobility by the trucking industry is crucial to the distribution of supplies, provisions, materials, products and equipment on which robust commerce and a strong economy depends; and

WHEREAS: Despite the unfortunate prohibition of large trucks on Legacy Parkway, the Salt Lake Chamber recognizes the overall benefits provided by the Legacy Parkway and recognizes that negotiations with the plaintiffs will expedite the project; and

WHEREAS: Further delays and additional litigation are unacceptable, as they would add several years and hundreds of millions of dollars to the project.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Salt Lake Chamber supports a negotiated agreement that ends litigation so the Legacy Parkway project can immediately move forward;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Chamber encourages those negotiating a final agreement to recognize the importance of highway freight traffic to the economy as well as the special needs of local delivery and craft a final agreement which acknowledges that fact;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Chamber strongly encourages the Legislature to adopt the final agreement in special session so the Legacy Parkway project can proceed.



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