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Friday, October 21, 2005

Utah’s Winning Women

By Carlene Walker

The Utah Republican Women'’s PAC held its inaugural gala last night on the 23rd floor of the Wells Fargo Building.

Rabbi Benny Zippel offered a prayer for the event and recounted the story of a family in his community whose son came home and announced he had been assigned a part in the school play. His mom asked him what role they gave him. The boy said, they want me to play the part of a Jewish Husband. His mom told him, "“Go back and tell your teacher you want a speaking part!"”

Women have more voice in political circles than ever before, and, interestingly, we are declining to be confined to traditional women's issues’ (think Rep. Sheryl Allen on world trade matters and Senator Beverly Evans on oil & gas severance tax in the Uintah Basin).

Marreen Casper, Yvette Donosso Diaz, and Laura Clarke Bridgewater were honored with the 2005 Utah'’s Winning Women Award.

Founders Awards were presented to John and Marcia Price and Frank Suitter -– incredible supporters of women in politics.

We were privileged to welcome the Governor and the Lt. Governor as well as many state legislators, other elected officials and so many significant contributors from the political community. It was heartening to me to hear feedback on what a progressive, effective organization this is.

Thank you to all who are so supportive of women in politics. And thank you to our many women in training who will soon enter the world of politics and make magnificent contributions. If you are a woman who may someday want to run for office - or if you just want to become more involved in the community -– please give me a call.

You can read more about our organization on my previous blog.


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