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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Special Session Tonight

This could be a long night. The Special Legislative Session begins at 5:00 p.m.

You can listen or watch on-line.

Live Audio (requires RealPlayer):
House Chambers

Senate Chambers
Live Video (also requires RealPlayer):

Two pieces of legislation will be considered. First is a Concurrent Resolution to approve the Legacy Parkway Settlement Agreement and, second, a bill giving UDOT the authority to restrict truck traffic on the new road until the year 2020.

The Legacy Approval Resolution will start in the House and, if it garners 38 votes, will be passed on to the Senate. The Truck Bill will start here in the Senate. If we have some time between the two, the Senate will work on confirming Governor Huntsman’s most recent appointees.

Reporters can call us for information on media availabilities we plan to hold throughout the evening.

You can find additional links and information at http://www.le.utah.gov/~2005S2/2005S2.htm.

At this point, we don't know when we will adjourn.


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