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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

John Hughes published a thoughtful piece titled Give thanks for bravery, technology, freedom. Whether or not you agree with all the particulars, his essay is worth considering.

He reminds us
... we can all be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy that are nonexistent in some other parts of the world. We may take freedom to follow our respective religious faiths as we will as a matter of course. We may exercise freedom of speech as a given, affording us the right to speak out against our government, our leaders, our politicians. We assume it is normal to travel in our own country without documents and identity cards. We consider it a given right to change jobs and professions without having to gain permission from some bureaucrat. Yet such basic freedoms are unknown, or carefully regulated, and subject to severe punishment if contravened, in various other countries.

In a world overladen with the dark shadows of conflict and disharmony, it is well to remember the goodness, generosity and idealism that pervades much of mankind, and the freedoms that some of us enjoy and seek to extend to those yet to achieve them.
Read his 10-point list for 2005. You may also want to read KSL's Be Thankful, and Governor Huntsman's message.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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