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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

The Utah Senate just approved the Legacy Parkway Settlement Agreement. The final vote was 22 to 5, with two members absent. The House approved the same agreement about an hour ago by a vote of 50 to 21.
House Vote

Senate Vote
Next steps . . .
  • Early January: Complete the environmental approval process
  • January: Finish the design work
  • February: Begin Construction
  • March / April: Call for bids for the next three construction packages
  • Fall of 2008: Hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony
Thank you to all involved - for or against the settlement - for your participation in the process.


Blogger Kevin said...

I have to admit, the more I read about the Legacy Parkway idea, the more I like it. In a high fuel price world, I planners should concentrate their efforts on filling in urban areas, rather than sprawling to new areas.

It looks like the Legacy Parkway is a step in that direction. I like the opening of the Utahns for Better Transportation comments. The original Legacy Highway was the answer to the wrong question. We don't need more vehicle miles driven. We need an overall urban design that maximizes our resources. We need structures that give us the maximum returns for those resources we put in production.

My personal experience has been that, as Salt Lake continues to sprawl, I end up driving longer distances for less.

I was not happy with the original Legacy Highway plan. I think the Parkway is an innovative new approach to transportation.

BTW, were the two absentee votes people from Ogden who missed the legislative session because they were stuck in traffic?

11/10/2005 12:33 PM  

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