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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ambush Alley

By Tom Hatch
State Senator, District 28

This piece was written by Keith Rounds, cowboy poet, and doorman for the Wyoming House of Representatives.

As we get down to business here, the blue notes start flowing and the hallways fill up with people who want to speak with us. I thought this poem fit just right.
Ambush Alley

The lobby has to be renamed,
Its use just ain’t the same.
It’s no longer just a place to loiter
Now folks come to reconnoiter.

Here they come to lie in wait
To catch a Representative at the gate.
Or they send in lots of notes
Hoping to get ‘em to change their votes.

Constituents, lobbyists and PACs
Have lots of questions and favors to ask.
There’s lots of special and individual needs,
“Vote for it, or against it, Please!”

All this goes on outside the door
‘Cause they can’t get in here on the floor.
So we pack ‘em in and they shove and push,
And they lie in wait, ready to ambush.

Representatives maneuver through the crowd
And folks holler their names out loud.
Because our members run through that gauntlet,
“Ambush Alley” is what we’ll call it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad that an elected leader would call it an ambush when a constituent wants to talk to a representative. Have our leaders forgotten who they are working for?

1/18/2006 7:16 AM  

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