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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Glance Toward November

Looking toward elections later this year, here's an exerpt from Utah Policy Daily:
Fourteen Utah senators face re-election this year, including a disproportionate number of Democrats. In fact, six of the seven Salt Lake County Democrats must defend their seats this year. Democrats currently hold eight Senate seats, all but one of them (Sen. Mike Dmitrich in Carbon County) based mostly in Salt Lake City and County. The only Democrats not up this year are Dmitrich and Fred Fife in Salt Lake City.

Democrats hold seven Salt Lake County seats, while Republicans have only five.

Democrats whose seats are up for grabs include Scott McCoy (District 2), Gene Davis, (District 3), Patrice Arent (District 4), Ed Mayne (District 5), Karen Hale (District 7) and Brent Goodfellow (District 12). Goodfellow was appointed to replace Sen. Ron Allen and his district covers part of Tooele County.

The eight Republicans up in 2006 are Al Mansell (District 9), Howard Stephenson (District 11), Parley Hellewell (District 15), Peter Knudson (District 17), David Thomas (District 18), Greg Bell (District 22), Beverly Evans (District 26) and Tom Hatch (District 28).

Already, some interesting intra-party battles are shaping up, with Rep. Margaret Dayton poised to take on Sen. Parley Hellewell in Utah County, and Sen. Scott McCoy possibly facing an intra-party challenge. All 75 Utah House seats are up this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is thinking about challenging Senator McCoy? He is a breath of fresh air up there and brings a needed diversity to the place.

1/04/2006 5:50 PM  

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