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Friday, March 17, 2006

Deadline: 5:00

Three hours to go.

Still thinking about running for office? Think fast.

Candidates need to file by 5:00 p.m., today, at the State Elections Office (3rd floor of the East Building, here on Capitol Hill) or your County Clerk's Office.

If you're running for Senate, it will cost you $32.40 to file (the fee for a House race is $16.20).

How to become a candidate for state office

How to become a candidate for federal office

2006 Candidate List (hit refresh to keep the list current)

The Lt. Governor's office will stay as late as it takes to get all the candidate info posted on their website. Of course it may take a little while for all the county clerks to fax in their information. Tonight's list will be reasonably complete, but look for a final list by the end of the day, Monday.

The Unsung Heroes:
Stephen MacDonald: the bright guy chained to his desk until all the available candidate information is posted online.

Fran Fish, Spencer Hadley, and Dorian Ashton - who's notary stamps have overheated, helping candidates get their declarations in on time.

Ashley Cutler: guiding candidates through their on-line financial disclosure accounts.

Michael Cragun: trouble shooter, legal expert, team captain, and diplomat.


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