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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Forget bowling, you have other plans tonight

Most governments pay careful attention to gatherings of individuals that want to reform, reshape, guide, and hold government accountable to founding principles.

Some places put you in jail for it. In America - and particularly in Utah – we tend to encourage it.

Tonight, friends, enemies and neighbors throughout the state will gather, discuss issues, elect representatives and start shaping the future of politics and government in Utah.

We hope you will make time to attend.

Need to find a caucus location? Start by checking your party’s website:


Want more information?
Weber County Forum: Get Thee To The Caucuses

Daily Herald: You have an appointment

Deseret Morning News: Attend your mass meeting:

Salt Lake Tribune: Elect your delegates (includes links to other political parties)
And from today’s Deseret Morning News:
. . . representative government cannot long survive if the links between the people and their representatives disappear.

Tonight offers a perfect opportunity to end this destructive trend. Party caucuses, also known as mass meetings, are taking place throughout the state. They are open to all comers. The poll found that only 19 percent are very likely to attend. Make it a point to raise that percentage.

Who knows? You might even get to know the people who represent you.


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