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Monday, March 13, 2006

Launching USTAR

By Al Mansell
Senator, District 9

USTAR promises to be some of the best money we have ever spent.

If implemented correctly, this initiative will be one of Utah’s prime drivers for economic growth and high paying jobs over the next twenty years.

As my day job has given me the opportunity to travel and visit so many of our sister states, one of my growing concerns is that Utah is losing many of our high-paying, high tech jobs. There is absolutely no reason for that. Utah has the best educated, most dedicated, tech-savvy workforces on earth. We should be the destination of choice for technology and research-based initiatives worldwide.

However, unless we get serious about getting back into the arena and increase our competitiveness and participation, we are destined to be nothing more than the finest call center on the planet.

USTAR puts us back into the game.

I’m grateful to the Governor for his diligent discussion of this initiative and I’m grateful for my colleagues in the Senate for their vision and unwavering support.

I’m glad Rep. Dave Clark along with the rank and file of the House are aware of the situation we find ourselves in and caught the vision for how this initiative will positively impact our state.

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