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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Restoring the Perogative to Override

Article VII, Section 8, of the Utah Constitution:
If the bill is disapproved, it shall be returned with the governor’s objections to the house in which it originated. That house shall then enter the objections upon its journal and proceed to reconsider the bill.
SB 70 was vetoed last night. Today is the last day of session. The Constitution dictates that the legislature “shall …reconsider the bill.” Our counsel advised that the legislature did not have the option to not "reconsider" and that we were required to do so before midnight.

Read Section Eight of the Utah Constitution here.

We were concerned that a protracted debate would eat up too much time - one precious resource we lack tonight- so we moved quickly. Listen to the floor discussion here.

Senator Stephenson’s quote of the day in the UPD:
"Now, the Legislature gets to decide how strongly it feels about retaining its constitutional prerogative to override the veto of the governor."
It’s ironic that it will take a veto override to do that.

The Senate voted 21 – 8 in favor of the override.


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