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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Convention Results

Convention results as posted in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Republican State Convention
  • U.S. Senate Nominee: Orrin Hatch (inc.) 78%; Brian Jenkins 16%; Mike Ridgway 5%; Ronald Levine 2%

  • 2nd Congressional District Nominee: LaVar Christensen 84%; Kris Lounsbury 10%; Joe Tucker 6%

  • 3rd Congressional District Primary Election John Jacob 52%; Chris Cannon (inc.) 48%; Merrill Cook (eliminated first ballot)

  • State Senate Dist. 11 Nominee: Howard Stephenson (inc.) 77%; Dave Hogue 23%; Dist. 12 Nominee: Christy Achziger 68%; Dan Tuttle 16%; Dist. 18 Primary Election Dave Thomas (inc.) 51%; Jon Greiner 49%; Dist. 24 Nominee: Darin Peterson (inc.) 75%; Ryan Smith 22%; Jay Collier 3%; Dist. 26 Primary Election Kevin Van Tassell 56%; Dave Ure 44%

  • State House Dist. 20 Primary Election Paul Neuenschwander 52%; Ronald Mortensen 48%; Dist. 70 Primary Election Kay L. McIff 56%; Gordon Topham 44%

Democratic State Convention
  • State Senate Dist. 12 Nominee: Brent Goodfellow (inc.) 78%; Millie Peterson 22%; Dist. 26 Nominee: Roland Uresk n/a; Laird Fetzer Hamblin n/a

  • State House Dist. 25 Primary Election Christine Johnson 55%; Josh Ewing 45%; Joel Briscoe, Chris Ferguson and Jack Gray (eliminated first ballot)

Senator John McCain addresses the GOP Convention. Photo pirated from Phil Windley's collection.

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