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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chuck Wagon

By Lyle Hillyard
Utah State Senator, District 25

Early in the morning, on Memorial Day, I took my family to Hyde Park for the annual Chuck Wagon Breakfast hosted every year by the local Lions Club. They featured ham, eggs, hashed browns, and pancakes. My son Matt chewed them out a number of years ago because they did not have any brown milk (that’s chocolate to you ordinary people) and they have always had it since then. There is something about being outside and eating such great food. Many former residents come back to decorate graves and stop by to visit. Everyone becomes immediate friends and you quickly remember why it is so great to live in a small community.

I help cook the breakfast in Lewiston for the 4th of July (sponsored this year by the Lewiston Volunteer Fire Department), and in Garden City for Raspberry Days (sponsored by the Boy Scouts and now the Young Women of the ward) on the first Saturday in August. Hyde Park expects 600 people, and Garden City expects 2500. North Logan had their chuck wagon breakfast closed down several years ago by the local health department for not having the proper food handler permits, so they are all more careful now. (I always thought that this kind of food, like Scout Food, had some special blessing so such things as health departments were not needed....)

If you are going to a small town around a holiday this summer, you should check ahead and find out if they or a neighboring town is having a chuck wagon breakfast. The cost is usually nominal, the food plenty, and there will be plenty of people to visit with who will give you the real inside about what to see and do while you’re there.

Call a USU extension office in your area and I would bet that they could find a breakfast in a nearby rural county for you. You may have to get up early, but one great thing about a chuck wagon breakfast is that you won't have to eat again until dinner that night!


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