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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



(KCPW News) A Utah lawmaker is furious that Congress appears poised to reverse years of work she invested in giving Utahns more control over their credit. State Senator Carlene Walker's bill passed the Utah Legislature this year letting people put a freeze on their credit reports to prevent thieves from using the reports for fraud. Now Congress has a measure that will trump that and only allow people to freeze their credit if they've been robbed.

"It's like putting a deadbolt on your door after the robbers have left," laments Walker.

In passing her measure at the state level, Senator Walker says she made significant concessions to the powerful credit lobby and gave them until Fall 2008 to implement the credit freeze law. Now she believes she was quote "snookered" by the credit industry into giving them time to preempt her efforts on a national level.

The federal legislation could come up for a vote as early as this week.

As noted before, Senator Walker's bill was one of the crown jewels of the 2006 Legislative Session. Here's a little Utah Credit Freeze History:
Indentity Fraud Protection Bill in the Senate

Audio, following the unanimous Senate Vote on her Credit Freeze Bill

Passes in the House

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