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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tuesday Review

It’s funny how the days we have the most to blog about are the days we have the least amount of time and energy to do it.

On Tuesday, we had an informative, exhaustive series of meetings.

The MSM covered it pretty well.
KUER: Special Session Ahead on Tax Reform

KCPW: Huntsman's Lobbying Blitz Pays Off

Trib: GOP, guv cut a tax deal

Daily Herald: Legislators agree on tax system

DesNews: Tax cuts likely for Utahns

Trib: Alliance still pushes transit sales tax hike

The upshot of the Tuesday marathon is this: 1) A significant percentage of our body dislike the idea of holding a Special Legislative Session. 2) If such a session were called, however, there are enough votes here to pass a Tax Cut/Tax Reform Bill. 3) We discussed the Transportation/Sales Tax Bill at great length but did not come to a clear consensus. Debate continues.

Look for the Governor to issue a call for a Special Session in the next week and a half. As always, we appreciate your input on the issues before us.


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