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Friday, December 29, 2006

Warhol: In the future, everyone will have 15 Kilobytes of Fame

It was a slow news week.

Brock Vergakis’ story on legislative blogging (featuring Lyle Hillyard the Blogger) was picked up in the Daily Herald, the Trib, KUTV.com, and mentioned by Stateline.org and Utah Policy Daily.

Then Rep. Craig Frank at The Dome, Tracy Medley at New West, and the UC expanded and added their insight to the discussion. Thanks amigos.

Navel gazing aside, we hope political blogging offers something valuable to the citizens who own the government (and, ultimately, own this site). We appreciate how readers develop the discussion and offer thoughtful comments. We love how Utah bloggers have formed a community that is unique in the nation.

A multitude of perspectives with divergent viewpoints and varying degrees of credibility offer depth perception, which means citizens have a better shot at discerning the truth of an issue. That's helpful.

Someone wrote, "The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy." Blogging is more democracy.

Stay tuned, it only gets better from here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own the government and this web site, huh?

To whom do I sell my share?

12/30/2006 1:04 AM  
Anonymous Geronimo's Ghost said...


I’ll give you points for cynicism and wit, but are you sure you really mean that?

I used to teach English to political refugees from Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. One of my students, a warrior from the mountains on the Cambodia/Vietnam border, mastered our language and U.S. history to the point he could wade through the bureaucracy and take the citizenship exam. One of my good memories is watching my friend raise his arm to the square and become an American.

My thought: any one of my refugee students back then would have been grateful – almost to the point of tears - to have your "share."

This country is not perfect. The state is not perfect. The legislature certainly isn’t perfect. Government is a necessary evil, but there is some good mixed in. This is going to sound grandiose, but it is true so please bear with me: American government is the culmination of the labor of centuries of political thinkers, the product bought by countless internal and external struggles for justice, and the embodiment of the dream of thousands of families who have sent their fathers, sons and daughters to war.

America only works as long as good people stay engaged. I hope you won't sell your share just yet.

12/30/2006 1:17 PM  
Blogger The Senate Site said...

Plus, Technorati says this web site isn’t worth much. Your cut would be very small.

12/30/2006 2:40 PM  
Blogger Voice of Utah said...

I'm willing to pay you *twice* Technorati's appraisal, and I'll let you keep the name. I must insist on full editorial control, however. (Don't worry, I'll be as neutral and above reproach as Joe Cannon.)

As for Utah bloggers forming a unique community, I'd say we're like one big family. (The kind of family that argues through the whole Thanksgiving dinner, then arranges to get together again next year.) Happy New Year, SS.

P.S. Hey, Technorati says my blog's worth $10k. Alas, I suspect they would give the same estimate for dogpoo.livejournal.com. (Do NOT say what you're thinking!)

12/30/2006 8:36 PM  
Blogger The Senate Site said...

Talk about softballs! But don't worry, we have your back. Happy New Year to you too, VofU.

The Deseret Morning News published Brock's article on Sunday. We rated page B15 on the absolute slowest news day of the year, right after the obituaries. That feels about right....

1/01/2007 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, and here as a blogger I was feeling pretty good. But after reading we got page B15 "on the absolute slowest news day" in DMN, I'm shattered and selling all of my shares. I should have sold when we were high after the first reviews!

1/02/2007 11:34 PM  
Anonymous connor said...

Someone wrote, "The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy." Blogging is more democracy.

Too bad we have a republic, not a democracy...

1/03/2007 4:12 PM  
Blogger The Senate Site said...


A democratic republic, to be exact.

1/03/2007 4:31 PM  

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