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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Complicated Flow Chart"

We chewed on the budget numbers again in caucus yesterday.

Here’s the Daily Herald:
The Senate President: "We really feel like it's important to have these major decisions made early," he said. "These are big decisions that have to be made, but the senators want to be fully informed."
From the Deseret Morning News:
GOP senators will take the extraordinary step of meeting on a weekend — they'll gather for four hours Saturday at the Little America Hotel (where many out-of-town legislators room during the 45-day general session) to talk further about spending and tax cuts.

"These are big decisions that have to be made, but senators want to be fully informed," Senate President John Valentine, R-Orem, said while standing in front of a complicated flow chart used during Tuesday's closed-door caucus.
Salt Lake Tribune:
"The numbers speak for themselves," Valentine said, displaying a white-board dissection of the governor's $11 billion recommended budget.

After taking out so-called base budget increases, a proposal to use $400 million in cash rather than bonds for highway funding, the House's $300 million promise to public education and the House's $300 million tax cut, Valentine calculated it would leave less than $150 million for all other state spending, including Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s recommended pay increases for state workers.

"There is nothing left for anything else under this [House] position," Valentine explained, adding that his figures don't factor in mandatory spending caps that will kick in this year.


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