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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Energy Efficiency Package

KSL sez:

A bi-partisan group of lawmakers . . . unveils a package of 7 bills to promote energy efficiency and renewables.

Bills include new requirements for the state's fleet, tax credits for cleaner-burning cars, or investments in renewable energy systems including solar and wind.
Sen. Greg Bell (R), Fruit Heights: "We've tried to keep politics out if it. We've tried to do it based on science and good economics."

Sen. Howard Stephenson (R), Draper: "It's important that we have a multiplicity of conserving as well as using alternative energy sources."

Rep. Ralph Becker (D), Salt Lake City: "I think the climate change issue has also really focused our citizen's attention as well as some of us in the legislature of the need to be much smarter when it comes to energy."

Rep. Roger Barrus (R), Centerville: "This truly is a work of the people. I look at this as government of the people. It's not mandated by government. We as legislators are responding to the work of this energy policy work group, who I think have done a phenomenal job."
You can read about it on The House Site too.


Anonymous teacher said...

I actually agree with Howard Stephenson on something for once, though I WOULD add that we also need to make sure we have enough of our current resources too. I hope that somehow we can use some of Utah's OWN resources to a greater degree.

1/28/2007 9:34 AM  

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