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Monday, January 29, 2007

Intern Story

By Ronson Mckee
Intern to Senator VanTassell and Senator Hickman

I have to admit, being mentioned in a newspaper article as a senate intern was exciting (thanks Shawn) but the real focus should be on the Senators and the bills they believe in.

My perspective, for what it's worth: an intern is a person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience. Apprentice or trainee is not the most coveted job, however the experience gained is worth the pain as we learn the inner-workings of the political system. For better or worse this intern experience is giving us interns much needed experience to make the leap from apprentice to that of a professional. It’s also cool to get to know a few of the senators personally.

Contrary to popular folklore about politicians, I’ve discovered that I would vouch for the character and moral stand of those with whom I work.


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