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Monday, January 29, 2007

Kicked by a Horse

By Jeff Bramble
Intern for the Senate Majority Leader

Senator Bramble had quite the weekend. He figured that dealing with blood clots just wasn't enough, so he decided to compete at the legislative team penning contest. Bramble has won the event for the past 3 years and just could not find it inside of himself to let that legacy go. Bramble, returning to claim his victory, was looking very solid as he and his team held their first place lead. After the final round Bramble went to tie up his steed and, as he dismounted, the horse next to him kicked, and hammered Bramble in his leg.

Now Bramble is a tough fellow, and thought that he could handle the punch. Later that evening he wasn't feeling so well and so he finally gave in and visited his new friends at the hospital so they could check him out.

He must be the Senator with nine lives, because the doctors checked the oil and gave him a quart, checked the rest of the fluids and then sent him on his way. Brambo may have a hairline fracture in his femur but it shouldn’t slow us down much.


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