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Friday, January 12, 2007

Walker Bills

By Carlene Walker
Utah State Senator, District 8

For any who may be interested, here is a preview of a few of my bills this year.

Resolution Urging Congress to Address SSN ID Theft (SCR 1): This resolution asks Congress to give support to employers to screen employees for false Social Security numbers and establish ways for citizens to better protect themselves from ID Theft, especially through government sources. I will companion this resolution with three bills (two are listed below. The other one has not been numbered, but will address the growing problem of medical identity fraud).

Workforce Services-Reporting Misuse of Personal Identifying Information (SB 15): This bill will allow the Department of Workforce Services to inform people when their Social Security Numbers have been stolen and report the fraud to the proper authorities.

Revising Death Certificates (SB89): This bill will remove Social Security numbers from death certificates.

Creation of New School District Amendments (SB 30): This amendment gives cities tools to create new, smaller school districts and puts meat on the bones of last year's bill by Rep. Dave Cox.

Forms of Municipal Government (SB 41): This bill repeals a provision that allows cities to change forms of government to a city manager form without public hearings and voter approval. This will address the undemocratic neutralizing of mayors in Lehi, Syracuse and Bluffdale.

As always, I would appreciate any and all responses.


Blogger Voice of Utah said...

Comments? OK.

The request for Congressional legislation on ID theft seems harmless but a little vague, particularly the first resolution on preventing ID theft. Do we have specific ideas we could offer as to what law(s) would help prevent ID theft?

The provision to report suspected ID theft seems sensible, although $1,000 per quarter for under-18 seemed a little low to trigger suspicion, I thought. (Thinking of my own experience.) The death certificate change is definitely needed.

The jury's still out on the school district legislation.

The mayor-city council amendment is a no-brainer. People should be able to vote on the form of their city government.

1/13/2007 9:13 AM  
Anonymous cough said...

Good bill on forms of municpal government--finally a bill that doesn't undermine cities.

The school district one though needs to have language regarding how it might impact OTHER areas besides just the city considering splitting. Maybe it could say something about resources being equalized if there is a split. This is a BIG issue for the southwestern part of the valley.

1/13/2007 11:39 AM  
Blogger Alienated Wannabe said...

Dear Senator Walker,

Thank you for taking on the serious problem of power-mad city councils.

A mayor is elected by the voice of the people. A city council should not have the ability to strip a mayor, who committed no crime, of his or her powers without going back to the people who elected him or her.

The executive branch of government is as important as the legislative. It is not a light thing for one branch to effectively eliminate the other without having it go before the voters.

I fully support your Forms of Municipal Government bill. (SB 41)

You do an excellent job, I am very proud of how you conduct yourself. In all my time working within the party, you stand out as being the elected official who is consistently the most involved with the grassroots.

It undoubtedly takes a lot of time, and it can be extremely frustrating, but the investment helps you understand some key issues better. This SB 41 is a perfect example.

Well done!

Alienated Wannabe

1/14/2007 6:05 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Cough, there are currently two provisions in the school district bill to address the impacts on the entire district: a required feasibility study and independent transition teams. It is unclear what you mean by "resources" so it is difficult to address that point. Senator Walker and others have spent literally hundreds of hours wrestling with how to 'put meat on the bones' of last year's bill. As with any legislation, there will be disparate impacts. However, the bill attempts to mitigate them as much as possible.

1/15/2007 8:05 AM  

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