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Monday, November 03, 2008

Amendments on the Ballot

You need to vote on five amendments to the state constitution. Want a synopsis?
  • Amendment A sets in stone a process to determine disability and fill vacancies in the offices of the Governor or Lieutenant Governor, should the need arise. Here's a PDF of the Voters Guide info and the world's shortest advocacy blurb by future-senator Steve Urquhart.
  • Amendment B. The state has a Permanent Trust Fund, established in 2001. Right now the only real money going into it is from the 1998 tobacco settlement. How about opening it up a little to include some taxes we get from natural gas, oil and mining? That source of income won't last forever - but if we save some in an interest-bearing account . . . maybe it will. More info here, including Senator Lyle Hillyard's synopsis (the bill sponsor always gets first right to explain the bill in the Voters Guide).
  • Amendment C. We get killed every year for convening the legislative session on the same day the nation celebrates Martin Luther King's birthday. Problem is, the State Constitution - which pre-dates MLK / Human Rights Day, BTW - specifically dictates the start date. We voted to change it, but it's a constitutional amendment so you need to approve the change too. Please. Find complete info, plus Senate President John Valentine's explanation here.
  • Amendment D. Utah is required to draw new legislative boundaries in the legislative session immediately following the Census. The next census is 2010 so, technically, we need to redistrict in the 2011 session. Problem is, the results aren't available until the spring of 2011 - long after session is over. This amendment says we'll redistrict in the legislative session after census results are available. Read Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble's explanation here.
  • Amendment E would allow the state to invest some School Trust Land money into stocks and bonds of private companies - within the safety margins dictated by the prudent investor standard imposed by law. Almost-certain Bottom line: more $$ for education. House Majority Leader Dave Clark and Utah State Treasurer Ed Alter write about it here.

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Blogger Natalie said...

That is the best explaination of E I have seen. I wish we could have done a better job getting the word out. I hope we get a chance to try again.


11/07/2008 7:03 PM  

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