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Friday, February 20, 2009

For the Record

By Chris Buttars
State Senator, District 10

I was disappointed to learn of the Utah State Senate’s censure on Feb. 20, 2009. However, this action will not discourage me from defending marriage from an increasingly vocal and radical segment of the homosexual community.

In recent years, registering opposition to the homosexual agenda has become almost impossible. Political correctness has replaced open and energetic debate. Those who dare to disagree with the homosexual agenda are labeled "haters," and "bigots," and are censured by their peers. The media contributes to the problem. Increasingly, individuals with conservative beliefs are targeted by a left-leaning media that uses their position of public trust as a bully pulpit. This pattern of intimidation suppresses free speech.

For the record, I do not agree with the censure I see it as an attempt to shy away from controversy. In particular, I disagree with my removal as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, since my work there is entirely unrelated to my opposition to the homosexual agenda.

Still, I’m a grown man and I can take my knocks. When it comes right down to it, I would rather be censured for doing what I think is right, than be honored by my colleagues for bowing to the pressure of a special interest group that has been allowed to act with impunity.

Thanks to the many citizens who have written and called to express their support. Please know that I’ll live through this to fight another day. In years to come, we’ll all look back at this point in history and see it as a crossroads. I have no intention of resigning.

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Anonymous Misty Fowler said...

Senator Buttars, when you make hateful remarks, we call it for what it is. I speak to many to respectfully disagree with homosexuality, and I don't think they're hateful. But they don't acuse me of having "pig sex" or being "the greatest threat to America". That's hateful.

This debate often gets heated, but as an elected representative of the people of Utah, you need to learn how to respect those people, even the ones you disagree with.

2/20/2009 11:40 AM  
Anonymous Jenn Davis said...

The media in Utah is hardly "left- leaning."

I sincerely hope that in the future when we look back at this time as a crossroads, we are able to say that we made honorable choices that respect all people.

2/20/2009 11:46 AM  
Anonymous KaninZ said...

Senator, you dishonor your office, your constituents and your status as an American citizen. You take a stand for the oppression of your fellow Americans, attack American families and wonder why you were censured?
Gays are Americans too. Some like me served in the military and defended the right of homophobes and bigots like you to speak freely. You were rightly censured and lost your committee seat for spreading your message of hate. You should also have become unemployed. Your words were in no way conservative. Your words were prejudiced, ignorant bigotry.
Now you play the wounded dove and ask pleadingly "Why are people so intolerant of my intolerance?"
You and your ilk are truly pathetic, un-American and slowly fading into a shameful footnote in American civil rights history.

2/20/2009 11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Buttars-

I respect your right to voice your opinion, however hateful it may be, but you also have to recognize that there may be consequences for that free speech. Those consequences may include censure from your colleagues or removal from committee chair positions in the Senate.

In addition, I'd like to point out that it is very possible to oppose gay marriage rights in a respectful manner. It is not necessary to compare LGBT people to radical terrorists or use demeaning language in your opposition of equality for those citizens in order to state your case. I would encourage you to think about that when you speak on behalf of the people of your district and of Utah as a whole.

2/20/2009 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buttars and Waddoups should both resign!

2/20/2009 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Justin said...

I have an idea, Senator Buttars. Why don't you hold a news conference? Stand up in front of the people you represent and answer any questions directed at you honestly and openly, without the filter of "the media". Let us all hear exactly what you believe, in the open, in your own words. Stand up, in the true Christian sense, for righteousness sake, and spell out everything you believe.

2/20/2009 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Paul Jones Dayton said...

Senator Buttars, I can respect your disagreement with the political movements of homosexuals, but do you really believe that a comparison to radical Muslims is appropriate?

2/20/2009 12:05 PM  
Blogger Dominique said...

It simply amazes me that you cannot see reality, my dear brother. You are a dying breed. I'm so grateful that I no longer walk in the fearful and hateful shoes you so proudly wear.

Please read my response to today's press conference.


I pray that peace finds your heart.


2/20/2009 12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Senator you have a right to voice your and allot of people agree with you.

2/20/2009 12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think of it this way Senator, now less of your time will be taken up by sitting on those committees and it will free you up for more "pig sex" with your eagle forum friends as you are clearly the only people that have ever heard of it.

2/20/2009 12:20 PM  
Anonymous Misty Fowler said...

I like Justin's idea. I would love to have a chance for an open and public dialogue with Senator Buttars, where he says what he really thinks. This way, no one could possibly "trick him" into anything, and we could ask questions. All in a respectful manner, of course.

2/20/2009 12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up and voicing your opinion and your free speech. We have many people that are afraid of the Politically Correct Police. We have very few that can stand up a be a leader. Hang in there. There are many of us that want leaders and those who will speak their mind.

2/20/2009 12:27 PM  
Anonymous Justin said...

Senator Buttars has every right to his voice. Nobody wants to deny him his freedom of speech. I want more speech. Tell us EXACTLY what you believe. I want to hear Senator Buttars speak more, on the record, in his own words, and I want to hear what the leadership of the Senate has to say about Senator Buttars' specific beliefs.

Come out of your government offices and your secret Capitol passageways and let the citizens of the State of Utah decide whether they agree with you or not.

2/20/2009 12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I believe that the act of homosexuality is a preversion then I should be able to say it. It is the act and not the person that is the problem with me.

I respect homosexuals as people just like me and everyone else.

2/20/2009 12:30 PM  
Anonymous Tom Grover said...

Senator Buttars,

Pluralism (open discourse) is not the issue here. Decorum is.

You can take an ultra-conservative position against equality without making disparaging remarks about homosexuals that include accusations that they engage in sex acts that include spreading fesces on one another. You can have your opinion without being malicious.

Senator, you are not being attacked. You attacked and people of all walks of life are responding. You are not a victim here. You are attempting to portray yourself as a victim to shift the focus away from your statements.

People are not upset with you because you oppose equality. Most Utah Senators do. People are upset with you because you went beyond opposition and maliciously attacked others. Regardless of how you feel about homosexuals, they deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect that even your fellow Utah Republican Senators seem to be able to accept. Again, the opposition you are receiving isn't because you oppose equality, it is because you went beyond opposition into explicit hate speech.

I hope that Utahns will see this post for what it is- an attempt to avoid responsibility for Senator Buttars actions by changing the subject from the universal need to respect everyone to a characterization of Senator Buttars as a martyr for free speech.

2/20/2009 12:32 PM  
Blogger Scott and Haylee said...

This post has been removed by the author.

2/20/2009 12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Buttars,
Once again you have saddened me with your comments. I know how sensitive you must be to the bigotry which occurred when one of the members of your LDS church was vilified by the press merely for his religion. I would hope that when one is in a minority group one would gain more compassion for others who are in a minority group.
Being Jewish in a Christian culture, I am constantly being confronted with misunderstandings about the Jewish people. Some of these misunderstandings are hateful.
So,for myself, I always insert another group's name into statements I might make.
For example: Mormans are the greatest threat to the United States. Mormons are disgusting. Mormons participate in "Pig Sex". That is hurtful to the person who has said this and is also hurtful to the people in that group.
I hope that you can find it in your heart, fast and pray about being more Christian and loving to other minority groups. We all have more in common than you think.
In the spirit of God,
Sheryl Hussien Ginsberg

2/20/2009 12:43 PM  
Anonymous Caleb said...

It's interesting that Senator Buttars hasn't seemed to register one comment in his support.

You may not resign, but we sure aren't going to let you back in come reelection time.

Even the Church, who you falsely represented in that interview, disagrees with your statements, as evidenced by Christ's teachings of love and acceptance, and also by modern revelation dictating that the Church does not oppose rights for gays when it comes to hospital visits, insurance, inheritance, etc.

Thanks for your service, but we'll pass next time.

2/20/2009 12:46 PM  
Blogger Jason The said...

Yes, Senator, that dang'd LIBRUL MEDIA what with their video recording and matching my own words to my own face and such. It's a conspiracy I tell you! What's a person to do?

Woe for the old days when you could say something insanely stupid and then later claim you didn't say it or were taken out of context? YouTube has been the bane of many a culture warrior, and it's just unfair, right?

Being a Martyr just isn't what it used to be...

2/20/2009 12:49 PM  
Anonymous Gail Turpin said...

Once again, the people who support you,sign their posts Anonymous. Very courageous of them! I know you don't care what supporters of the LGBT community think or what "the gays" think. So I address this to all of you are posting and trying to get him to listen to reason and be respectful. It doesn't work. I would be surpised if he even reads those that are not supportive of him. After listening to the audio clips from his interview with Reed Cowan, he does not sound like he is very well educated. He murders the English language in both usage and pronunciation. So if you are not doing it already, it might be a better use of your time to use your compassion, your sense of fairness, and your sense of human decency to write to those who listen and hear you. Certainly, we should all write to our own senators.

2/20/2009 12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is too bad that what Chris Butters has said is true. Shame on those who have made it so. When freedom of speach is gone, when opposition is gone, when truth is called a lie and lies are called truth, then will our freedom be gone, history does repeat itself and you only have to read to see where we are now.

2/20/2009 1:08 PM  
Anonymous Rob Skraznas said...

To Senator Buttars and the Republican Senate leadership,

I too am disappointed by the Senate's censure of you as a result of your remarks. My fault with the Senate leadership is that although they disagreed with how you presented your views they not only failed to rebuke those opinions but agreed with them.

As you are someone who professes to believe our Founding Fathers were devinely inspired, I find it extermely inconsistant that the moral pricipal that "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" can so easily be trumped by you based upon you own conservative religious based dogma. A dogma which ranks people and their access to rights based upon whether those persons beliefs and personal practices fit that particular dogma.

Your own LDS faith, as well as Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Hindu and Buddist faiths have historically faced and continue to face discrimination and organized hate. Primarily due to the belief, of those who claim to be in the majority, that the followers of those faiths practices and beliefs were "immoral" or "heretical" or "dangerous". Our worlds history of genocide, war, slavery and ethnic cleansing has frequently seen leaders use the "belief" that others are "immoral", "unclean" or "less human" to justify their atrocities. That review of our worlds history alone should give you pause before you pursue, through your power as a Senator, to codify discrimination and hate.

Whether you believe that LGBT individuals are "born that way" or are making a deliberate choice to be gay is irrelevant. They are first and foremost human beings who should be accorded all the rights and protections that a wise and moral government can and should guarantee all of its citizens and residents.

There is no "gay agenda". There is just an agenda that all persons of thoughfullness, wisdom, morality and faith can agree upon. That we are as Thomas Jefferson so beautifully put it, if I may paraphrase, that all men and women are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights, amoung those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

2/20/2009 1:19 PM  
Anonymous Rob Skraznas said...

To Senator Buttars and the Republican Senate leadership,

I too am disappointed by the Senate's censure of you as a result of your remarks. My fault with the Senate leadership is that although they disagreed with how you presented your views they not only failed to rebuke those opinions but agreed with them.

As you are someone who professes to believe our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired, I find it extremely inconsistent that the moral principal that "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" can so easily be trumped by you based upon you own conservative religious based dogma. A dogma which ranks people and their access to rights based upon whether those persons beliefs and personal practices fit that particular dogma.

Your own LDS faith, as well as Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist faiths have historically faced and continue to face discrimination and organized hate. Primarily due to the belief, of those who claim to be in the majority, that the followers of those faiths practices and beliefs were "immoral" or "heretical" or "dangerous". Our world’s history of genocide, war, slavery and ethnic cleansing has frequently seen leaders use the "belief" that others are "immoral", "unclean" or "less human" to justify their atrocities. That review of our worlds history alone should give you pause before you pursue, through your power as a Senator, to codify discrimination and hate.

Whether you believe that LGBT individuals are "born that way" or are making a deliberate choice to be gay is irrelevant. They are first and foremost human beings who should be accorded all the rights and protections that a wise and moral government can and should guarantee all of its citizens and residents.

There is no "gay agenda". There is just an agenda that all persons of thoughtfulness, wisdom, morality and faith can agree upon. That we are as Thomas Jefferson so beautifully put it, if I may paraphrase, that all men and women are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights, among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

2/20/2009 1:26 PM  
Anonymous Cami Rozanas said...

Dear Mr. Buttars,
I, for one, am glad you gave voice to your true feelings. I was actually a bit encouraged a few short weeks ago when you deigned to break pumpkin bread with some gay members of the community. Now I know that, while making conversational pleasantries, you were visually scanning them for weapons of mass destruction, while simultaneously picturing them having "pig sex." Under the circumstances, I think it’s clear you should not be allowed near any bill that deals with legal rights and protections for gays and lesbians. Your capacity for judicious consideration and objectivity is…well…in question. I’m sure you agree.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. No, Mr. Buttars—you need not fear arrest for expressing your opinion, as is good and proper in our free society. But serving as a public official is a privilege, not a right. When you cease to act with the wisdom, decorum and respect your position demands, you are no longer fit for the job. It’s the same in the private sector. The concept is called “accountability.”

You, not the media, are one who “uses their position of public trust as a bully pulpit.” Your censure was light and I am deeply ashamed on behalf of my beloved state of Utah that we count you among our lawmakers.

2/20/2009 2:07 PM  
Anonymous Niko_in_Oakland said...

When one enters public life, you owe a duty to your constituents to act in a mnner that is decent and repectful of all people, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them. By disseminating hate and vitriol in the way that you do, you do a disservice to those people who voted for you. Hopefully, they all don't share your ignorance. if they do, the State of Utah is truly in trouble.

2/20/2009 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Senator:

Even as a right leaning deeply religious man, I am profoundly disturbed by your manifest lack of common sense and tack. My mother would say... "You should be ashamed of yourself!" Frankly, I am disappointed and repulsed that someone representing my district, state, country and religion, espouses your antiquaited fear and hatered. My advice: Give a little love, Senator. Direct your influence to something of tangible import. I doubt you were elected to pass your time expaining away racial and religious intolerance. Mabey it is just time for you to call it quits...

2/20/2009 2:27 PM  
Anonymous Niko_in_Oakland said...

Also, blaming the media for your uncaring and insensitive comments does not diminish your responsibility to the citizens of Utah. If the media is left leaning as you say, and having been in politics for a while, you should have known better than to make disparaging comments about a "special interest group." If you are a man of principle, as you claim to be, you should also know that "principle" dictates that you respect people, even those you disagree with. Well, at least that is what my mother taught me.

2/20/2009 2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see Utah once again leading the nation in forward-thinking open-minded inclusiveness and tolerance. Maybe the Senator's unfortunate surname caused some childhood psychological trauma which now manifests as homophobic feeble-mindedness, but next time you wonder why it's so easy for the rest of the nation to ignorantly write you off as nothing more than uneducated polygamists, look within - or better yet, look to the State Senate. Good work Sen Buttars - leading the charge into the 18th century!

2/20/2009 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are profoundly out of touch with the tolerance that the majority of the citizens of the United States of America are willing to show each other. This country does not need opinionated, fear oriented hate mongers that openly bash homosexuals and make racial faux pas while working as public servants paid by taxpayer dollars. I sincerely hope you are forced to resign. I have more respect for Rod Blagoyovich than I do for you. At least he has a proven track record as a humanitarian, crooked or not. Your own words paint you as a cowardly, ignorant, zealot.

2/20/2009 2:44 PM  
Blogger shane said...

I am embarrassed, absolutely embarrassed, to be associated with Utah.

What is most upsetting is people thinking this is about free speech. It is not. It is about being disrespectful and rude. A person has every right to believe what they believe, but should show common courtesy when voicing that opinion.

LDS members talk about being persecuted for their beliefs. "Traditional" Religions found these new beliefs to be an abomination. People were persecuted and murdered. And now the persecuted have become the persecutors.

This isn't Nauvoo or the 19th century.

2/20/2009 2:49 PM  
Anonymous Legio Mortis said...

Wow, the fruits & nuts are out in force!

Bottom line: in an age where the Amerikkkan sheeple throw their idiot votes for creatures long on flowerly politically correct language and short on basic guts and competence ("President" Obama is making Bush look like a genius, no small feat), it's reprehensible that the Utah Senate would censure a man for the crime of speaking his mind.

It's pathetic, it's spineless, and it's un-American. Last time I checked, we had something called a First Amendment that reaffirmed the right to speak your mind, no matter who finds it offensive.

The fascists who rail against Buttars would do well to remember that truth crushed to Earth rises again.

Hang in there Sen. Buttars!



2/20/2009 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Legio Mortis said...

One other thing, Fruits & Nuts: Buttars has one single duty, and that's to his constituents, not fudge-packing disease carriers. If they dislike what he has to say, then I imagine he won't be long on his job.

That said, I'm pretty certain that Sen. Buttars will be doing his thing long after AIDs has carried you all away to Jesus.



2/20/2009 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Jagger said...

Ever notice how bloggers are HORRIFIC spellers?

2/20/2009 3:08 PM  
Blogger Ryan Hollist said...

My take on this issue, and Sen. Buttars response:

I do not think registering opposition to homosexuals is impossible. By my experience it still seems alive and well. Perhaps the other side, support for homosexuals, is simply becoming easier and more readily available. I also agree many are quick to label those who disagree as "haters" and "bigots," and that applies to all sides.

My difficulty with the comments Sen. Buttars, and others, made over the years is in the content. I do not think political correctness has replaced "open and energetic" debate. On the contrary, I see such debate all the time and handled very well. But debate demands staying on topic and use of factual information or, at least, reasonable theory. Buttars has failed in that criteria. He has based his views on "information" from those who have been denounced by every respectable professional organization. He has claimed to protect against future outcomes based on fallacious, irrational, fear-based reasoning. He has condemned entire groups based on hearing of a practice very, very few actually engage in -- not to mention the fact it is not a defining point of those groups or wholly contained within those groups.

In the end, however, I must give ironic thanks to Sen. Buttars for being so open and uncensored in his words. He has brought forward what many simply leave in the background. Having it out in the open allows the rest of the world to see it plain.

2/20/2009 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have written and deleted many paragraphs trying to express what I think is felt by many, not near enough, but many and that is that you are an utter disgrace and an emparrassement to the wonderful, loving people of this state.

Please, Please take your hate filled, small minded opinions out of public office and give the fine people of this state a chance to reverse the damage that you have again wreaked on our image.

2/20/2009 3:11 PM  
Anonymous D. Nunn said...

Kudos to Senator Buttars! His speach was not hateful. It was forewarning! Somewone has to sound the alarm. There is no constitutional right to not be offended. The "right" of homosexuals to practice what has been unlawful for centuries is not a right. It is perversion. Now we "offend" people when we warn of the consequences of tolerating the intolerable. Do not ask me to celebrate such abominations.

2/20/2009 3:11 PM  
Blogger Deseret Dawg said...

Senator Buttars - Don't let this get you down. Remember that even Jesus Christ Himself stumbled and fell while carrying His cross to Calvary, but He picked Himself up and continued with His mission.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step backward and regroup behind a more defensible perimeter in order to take two or three steps forward in the future. Satan may rage in the hearts of many today, but we will ultimately prevail.

God bless you for your fervent defense of those traditional American values that catapulted this nation to unprecedented power and prosperity. The challenge before you now is to speak out in a more precise way in the future that better conveys the points you want to get across. Condemn the sin without condemning the "sinner".

2/20/2009 3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding those who consider themselves gay and lesbian, President Hinckley said:

"These are individuals who are children of God. We love them; we respect them. This church is a church of inclusion, not exclusion, and we welcome them and want them to be a part of the church."

Senator Buttars freely admits his disagreement with President Hinckley. The differences between these two men are simply irreconcilable.

I have to side with President Hinckley - love and respect should govern our interactions. Hurtful generalizations such as those spoken by Senator Buttars cause damage to both the church and to those to whom such comments are directed.

2/20/2009 3:12 PM  
Anonymous Tyson H. said...

@Deseret Dawg

"Senator Buttars - Don't let this get you down. Remember that even Jesus Christ Himself stumbled and fell while carrying His cross to Calvary, but He picked Himself up and continued with His mission."

I'm sorry, I usually don't do this. I try to make my responses to this sort of thing tactful and well spoken, but it takes a lot of balls to compare Sen. Buttars to Jesus.

You sir, are a jackass.

I highly doubt that even Jesus himself would support the hateful words that came out of Sen. Buttars' mouth, regardless on whatever you believe Jesus supports.

And to the few of you ignorant folks on here that think this is about "free speech", you're absolutely right, Buttars can say whatever he wants, but there are repercussions to those things you say. You can't just go around saying whatever offensive things you please and the second someone is offended by them just say "Relax, it's free speech." Words have an impact, they always have, and for your to hide behind the curtain of your interpretation of "Free Speech".

I don't consider myself a terribly religious person, but if you worship a God that promotes a human being treating other human beings this way (who have done NOTHING to him by the way), then you are sorely misguided, and I feel sorry for you.

You are all entitled to your beliefs on this matter, and I have always respected and supported that. But there is a way to go about it with tact and respect, not hate and ignorance.

2/20/2009 3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You Senator Buttars for not resigning! You stay strong and say what the rest of us are trying to say but our voices cannot be heard with this kind of media!

2/20/2009 3:40 PM  
Anonymous Legio Mortis X said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/20/2009 3:42 PM  
Blogger Eugene said...

Dear Senator,
Hang in there. This perverted group of homosexuals are destroying America by taking them farther and farther away from God. Read Romans chapter 1 and the book of Leviticus to find out what God thinks of homosexuality. To Him, it is the most reprobate thing out there. We can argue all we want with each other, but how do ou argue with God. We should be kind and love the sinner, BUT HATE and FIGHT THE SIN! It is past time for Chistians to get some backbone and stand up for what God says instead of what we think He means. The Bible is VERY clear on the matter. I am proud of you for speaking the truth.


2/20/2009 3:45 PM  
Anonymous To Legio said...


Please keep exercising your Freedom of Speech by posting to this forum. Everything you have written so far has been of enormous help to those who are concerned about the effect that leaders like Senator Buttars have on our state and culture.

I hope the moderators of this blog refrain from censoring you in any way.

Thanks for proving the point.

2/20/2009 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Butters, you are a disgusting human piece of garbage. You are no better than the radical Muslims with your hate of Americans.

2/20/2009 3:52 PM  
Anonymous James Conrad said...

"To Him, it is the most reprobate thing out there."

Right, the MOST?

Above the following:
Child rapists

Awesome! Glad to know where you stand! However, and I only say this because I care: Please consider using other things along WITH the Bible for reference before you speak... You know, like common sense.

I love you,

2/20/2009 3:56 PM  
Anonymous LEGIO MORTIS AirCav Support XIII said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/20/2009 4:11 PM  
Blogger Deseret Dawg said...

To Tyson H. - Thank you for making my point about "Satan raging in the hearts of men".

BTW, you did not hurt my feelings by calling me a Democrat. But there might be a few Democrats out there who would take issue with your mischaracterization of them.

2/20/2009 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Cindy Marlow said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/20/2009 4:23 PM  
Anonymous Yuck said...

Can you imagine someone from Utah becoming President?


2/20/2009 4:23 PM  
Anonymous LEGIO MORTIS EX UMBRA said...

Demographics is a 'big word'? I guess that's probably true, "Cindy", to a little person like you.

See if you can get in on a remedial ed class and I'm certain even someone with your own low intellectual wattage can join the rest of us big, smart people having an adult conversation about free speech. Even you!



2/20/2009 4:25 PM  
Anonymous Osama bin Biden said...


Easier to imagine than someone from Kenya or Indonesia becoming "president".


2/20/2009 4:27 PM  
Anonymous Angry and Straight in Davis County said...

Desert Dawg, comparing any mortal to the Savior disgust me. None of us are anywhere near His level of love and perfection.

Senator Buttars, You do not speak for me. Please take your hate to some other state and stay there. What we need here in Utah is respectful and civil discussion, not you faning the flames of the hate.

Senator Waddoups, You as well do not speak for me. Why could you have no have stated you could understand why so many are so upset by his inflammatory statements? How could you state that the Senators stand behind him, when I am sure Senators like Senator McCoy have absolutely no support for Buttars?

Gayle... NO ONE elected you. Please move to IRAN where I think your views would mesh greatly with Ahmenidajads. Some day tolerance, love, respect, and courtesy will send you packing and remove you from the position of power which you have NO right to hold. Why don't you tend to your many children and let the rest of us go to hell in a handbasket if we want to.

If ALL state employees have to take training in sensitivity and diversity, why don't those elected to serve us have to sit through the lesson.

2/20/2009 4:35 PM  
Anonymous SSD said...

You are a disgrace to the senate seat and should step down.

2/20/2009 4:44 PM  
Blogger randybuc2u said...

Dear Mr. Buttars;

God Bless You for not only speaking your mind but more that that, speaking the Truth. As far as I’m concerned this state of “ Political Correctness” we live under is a bunch of crap! One thing I have noticed when reading endless numbers of Blog Opinions. I have read very few if any at all based on what is right or wrong, according to the word of God the Holly Bible. Matter of fact the Bible says; if a man lays with another man It is a Abomination! So before anyone thinks badly of you, me or anyone else that says and stands for what They believe and know to be true and right they should read the scriptures . Seek and ye shall find. If you don’t have a belief in God I would pray you come to know him.

Mr. Buttars;
Keep up the good work and I will vote you next time

2/20/2009 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a disgrace to humanity. You think homosexuality is a mental disorder or sin, yet its prevelant in the animal kingdom. Some believe that our spirits are sexless and some believe that we reincarnate as both men and women in different lifetimes. Your point of view being shoved into everyones lives is nothing but hate. You hate that someone can love just because they love differently than you do. Does that make it wrong? Can you define love? Do you really love with all your hate?

Jesus weeps at your actions and judgment. (no I am not gay)

2/20/2009 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Buttars, Look inside your tiny mind and discover the hatred you are harboring. So you say it's not ok to be gay I think your just evil. Your just some racist who's point of view is medieval. The people hate you and your whole crew.

2/20/2009 5:11 PM  
Anonymous John Galt said...

Why, oh why, do those hongry hongry (angry!) hippos bashing Sen. Buttars et al so insistent to prove to all of us (virtual) people that they're straight! Angry and "straight"! Not gay!

Methinks they doth protest too much, don't you?

In its own heart, the Abomination knows its nature.

2/20/2009 5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is nothing but bigoted. The animals are innocent how could they be gay? You can use a different interpretation of whatever scripture you like to argue yourself out of hipocracy, but the universe and karma will still bite you in the end. And no.. I am really not gay.

2/20/2009 5:26 PM  
Anonymous GOD said...

Just to clarify: some nitwit quoted former LDS Prophet Seer & Revelator Gordon B. Hinckely to the effect that I love homosexuals.

With the possible exception of Siegfried & Roy (and that adorable white tiger Raul!) this is a total distortion of my record, and Hinckley and I have had a little conversation about the fact that he 'mispoke'.

For the record, I hate fags.

2/20/2009 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Gail Turpin said...

Sounds like Legio Mortis may be a founding member of America Forever and/or a clone of Sen. Buttars. Nice use of the English language!

2/20/2009 5:37 PM  
Blogger Tif Otter said...

Thankfully, you're part of what I like to call the "radical Senate extremist" contingent that is no longer taken seriously by the compassionate majority.

As Ann Richards would say, "Stick a fork in him."

You're done.

2/20/2009 6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the problem is these senate people shred our constitution then say they support it and its values. Meanwhile the sheeple continue to praise them like false idols. Many see through the truth of the lies that blind the few sheeple left.

2/20/2009 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Senator Butters with the exception; not a threat to America, but rather a threat to society! I've had enough of Gay rights being forced on the American public...especially the thought of an inocient child being brought into that type of relationship. They can practice their belief but why not just in private...why do they have to try forcing everyone to accept what their doing?? IT IS UNNATURAL!!and should be kept private, just like so many other sexual practices. I strongly believe homosexuality and same sex marriage is a perversion and will never think differently.Good for you Mr Butters!

2/20/2009 6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2/20/2009 6:28 PM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

Senator, thank you for standing up for the truth. Many people do support you.

2/20/2009 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Sarah in Happy Valley said...

Wow, there are some well worded posts here. I'm very impressed, not that my being impressed is of much consequence. I'll try to add my own thoughts here, tho none so eloquent as those by Niko_in_Oakland. If you haven't taken the time to read them earlier in the comments, please do!

To Buttars: First, I'm am honestly sorry to hear that there have been threats against you and your family by members of the GLBT community. That's wrong and how any group feels making threats or picketing businesses or persecuting individuals for the way they live their lives advances their cause is beyond me. I question ABC 4 for waiting until the height of the equal rights legislature debate and the February sweeps to release selected comments from the interview. However, did you not know that your interviewer was gay? I'm very curious about this. Either way, I commend you for misusing your free speech rights and your brain. No, I haven't seen or read the entire interview, but, really, "pig sex?" You sat in your senate office as an elected official during the legislative session and made comments like that? Really? And you're so surprised that people are upset about comparing a group you so obviously revile to terrorists? For someone who has lived so long, your statements seem to show that you have a lot to learn about life. It's very sad to know that you think it's ok for someone to be fired or evicted because of how they live their life, for whatever the reason. Wasn't too long ago that the same thing could be done if you were Jewish, Black, Catholic, Irish or Japanese. You should remember those days, you lived through them. They weren't good times and the continuance of discrimination & bigotry doesn't make us a better, safer society. I grew up in Provo, down the street from three lesbian women raising the most well behaved kids in the cul-de-sac, and they were less of a threat than the male neighbor who molested my brother at a young age, or the uncle that molested my mother and her sister when they were growing up, or the older boy that molested my father in high school (both my parents are from Mormon-rich eastern Idaho, btw) or the peers who drove me from church with hate & exclusion as a teenager because I was smart and liked scifi movies & fantasy novels over soap operas and wasn't good at volleyball and they were jealous that I kept being called to be the president of whichever Young Women's group I was in. I'm sure that was disturbing to some readers, but the point is, people deserve to, and will in the end, be judged individually, not as part of the group they seem to belong to. Being a "good person" or a "bad person" doesn't show on the surface. You've made it obvious that you don't agree with any of us who feel this way and that you don't care to change or consider a viewpoint other than your own (it all comes down to perspective, doesn't it?), but I hope some of these comments get back to you so you understand that the minority of free thinking people in this state, of all persuasions, who think that Christ's words of "Love One Another" extend beyond the pages of the hymnal, is growing.

To all: George Lucas may have put "Fear leads to Hate..." in Yoda's mouth, but anyone who's been through therapy or studied philosophy or simply paid attention to people's motivations in life, knows that Fear is the source of all Hate and Anger. What are you afraid of, Buttars? What makes you so scared that you feel it's appropriate to use such evil, hate filled language where you know it will be heard by many others?

Finally, to the revolting Mr Legio Mortis, on behalf of all the HIV carriers who are hemophiliacs, had a blood transfusion during surgery or after an accident and all the housewives who's husbands were sleeping around behind their backs, hug you! (Someone will get that reference, the rest of you get the picture.) Happily I say to you, you are a bigger bigot than Mr Buttars and whatever it is *you* fear must make a classic horror film look childish. I hear they're making it easier for members of our undervalued military to get therapy. You should look into that.


2/20/2009 6:42 PM  
Anonymous Prospector said...

Sen Buttars deserves a metal for speaking our minds...

I support him fully

there should not have been any actions for someone stating the truth...


2/20/2009 7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator Buttars for not being afraid to speak what many of us feel and know to be true. If only there were more people in public office with the moral courage and fortitude to speak what needs to be said in the face of such a short-sighted and vocal public. Thanks again.

2/20/2009 7:25 PM  
Anonymous RDM DAVIS COUNTY said...

I don't want you to resign either Senator Buttars. But I do disagree with you. I want you to stay in office until you receive full health care benefits which happens in two years.

Although you believe you did nothing wrong I want you to know that PIG-SEX, was an act that had not been introduced into my conscience.

Or, to my children's.

Why are you focused on this type of act at all?

I love ya Chris.

2/20/2009 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go into the light Utah!

2/20/2009 7:34 PM  
Anonymous Rose Nowatzki said...

Funny, that the Church of LDS itself was founded on the belief of practices such as taking many wives, some just girls at the time of marriage. Sounds like "pig sex" to me. It's all too easy to forget where you came from, to forget your own very diverse, (or perverse) roots. Good Riddance to bad politics+religion!!

2/20/2009 8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Buttars,
You remind us all of Larry Craig and Ted Haggard. You can tell us. We already know and it is o.k.

2/20/2009 9:52 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy W said...

Can you imagine someone from Utah becoming President? I can't.

It's good that we see what we can expect from Utah in a President.

Makes you wonder, just who in the USA would they be working for? Rather scary, really.

They sure seem to hate a lot of Americans (Blacks, Muslims, Gays, etc.).

Who is left to represent? Make a list -- I'm sure the list you create is in fact shorter, you just don't know it yet.

This much hate doesn't have limits. Give Utah some more time.

Utah and the Utah Church sure seem to be the center of the problem. All roads lead back to Utah, if know what I mean.

By-the-way: what happened to you folks? Really?

We were talking at work today - we are so glad we were never transferred to Utah for work. Can you image not being aware of these folks and showing up in town?

I swear it would be like "Children of the Corn - The Final Chapter; Part III".

Please don't export your toxic trash to the rest of the US.

Please, no Pres from Utah.

2/20/2009 9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all of the "hateful" responses to Senator Buttars "hateful" comments. It's like watching a bunch of ignorant pots call the kettle black. Oh wait, can I use the word black in a sentence without being labeled a bigot. I'm not totally up to date on my PC speak.

I support Senator Buttars right, that's a constitutional right by the way, to express his personal opinions. His speech doesn't lose it's protection, just because you don't agree with it!

Shame on the Utah Senate for responding to one faction, albeit an annoyingly loud one, and for punishing a man for speaking his mind and following his principles, no matter how un-popular they might be. (Although the Senator has been here before, and still managed to just recently get re-elected, so maybe they are not so un-popular.)

I too support the rights of everyone here who has chosen to protest hate by hating. Well done....your comments provide a shining example of tolerance and good behavior for Senator Buttars to follow in the future.

2/20/2009 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Butters - I fully support your right of freedom of speech.

It's awesome to hear you speak about the issues and remove all doubt about your views... it has convinced me that you both don't have a clue about how to productively engage in debate and you have a very narrow, myopic view of the world.

Go Sen Butters! Free speech rules!

2/21/2009 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homosexuals should show tolerance and forgiveness for others instead of trying to get Buttars booted and spending their time attacking him. The Christian thing to do is to spread the good word and warn our neighbors, i.e. homosexuals, otherwise we'll be in condemnation ourselves. I think we should be clear and speak out that homosexuality is wrong and that we care about them that is why we are telling them they need to repent or face condemnation. Homosexuals need to follow all of the principles of the gospel to be saved. I think that this is our duty. The truth is hard for the wicked.

2/21/2009 12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Buttars, mark my words, I guarantee you that at sometime in your lifetime,you WILL be forced to face a family member's homosexuality. It might be a Son, a Daughter, Brother, Sister, In-laws of any of the before mentioned, Grandchild ... the list goes on & on. There isn't any way you will escape it. Please show a little compassion!

2/21/2009 2:13 PM  
Anonymous Misty Fowler said...

Isn't it God's place to judge and condemn? Do all of you who are taking that upon yourself really think you ARE God, or are you just too impatient and overbearing that you think it's ok to usurp His place?

2/21/2009 2:33 PM  
Anonymous Gail Turpin said...

Well said, Misty! Many of these people seem to think they know "the truth". I'm sure Buttars and that other Gayle do! Let then go on in their self-delusion! There are many Christians who do not behave as they do. Or the other hate-mongers on this site! Some of these people can't post anything that does not use four letter words or other garbage. They clearly belong in the Buttars camp, as do those who spew hatred but don't have the courage to sign their names. You know, I don't care if they have differing viewpoints and/or think homosexuality is a sin-just stop with the hate speech!!!!

2/21/2009 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Rose Nowatzki said...

I personally just think it's comical that a church rooted in bizarre sexual practices spends millions on political campaigns to throw stones at another group of people because of their sexual practices. Hate is the mirror which reveals the hater's darkest reflection. Hence the need for the Church of LDS to point fingers at gays or muslims or non-mormons or whoever. I don't hate anyone, just making a point that should be obvious. Plus I find any organized religion that respects the oppression of women to be disgusting.

2/21/2009 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2/22/2009 8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Equal rights for all! The academy awards doesn't say it better. Those who persecute will end up persecuted. Go free will!

2/23/2009 8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh wait unless you are mormon or jewish then the persecuted become the persecutors.... all in all its just the circle of life.

2/23/2009 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a vile piece of trash. I am so glad I don't have a disgusting child abuser like Buttarse in my family. Google "Mormon Gulag" and learn about the abuse of little boys under this nasty fellow's leadership.

2/23/2009 12:10 PM  
Blogger aaglaas said...

‘‘The mark of a civilized society is how well it addresses the needs of those least well-equipped to protect themselves and that . . . throughout our history each generation has had to stand up and be counted on whether they’re going to protect those most poorly situated to protect themselves, whether it was . . . to protect political activists in the wake of World War I or in the McCarthy era, whether it was to protect against religious discrimination . . . throughout our history, whether it was the civil rights struggle to protect blacks and Hispanics, culminating in the 1960s, whether it was the struggle for equality for women in the 1960s, 1970s and today and now we have the issue of sexual orientation.

2/23/2009 2:45 PM  
Blogger aaglaas said...

For the people who don't understand why 3 separate U.S. Supreme Courts have already come up with almost identical rulings in favor of the rights of gay Americans to marry each other, with more to follow... and who want this issue put to a 'popular' vote, they are incorrect in their assumption that this is an issue that can currently be allowed to be decided by 'the People' when the people ignore the constitutional requirements of equality for all citizens because they have been falsely taught to hate people who are homosexual and/or to think that they are somehow less than human, or deserving of equality.

2/23/2009 2:46 PM  
Blogger aaglaas said...

Just as the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and Supreme Court ruling of 1967 could not have been left to 'popular vote' at the time...this issue cannot be put to the voters who themselves many times are the very oppressors of those seeking their freedom and equality.

"Although we traditionally have viewed 'marriage' as limited to a union between a man and a woman, if we have learned anything from the significant evolution in the prevailing societal views and official policies toward members of minority races and toward women over the past half-century, it is that even the most familiar and generally accepted of social practices and traditions often mask unfairness and inequality that frequently is not recognized or appreciated by those not directly harmed by those practices or traditions. It is instructive to recall in this regard that the traditional, well-established legal rules and practices of our not-so-distant past (1) barred interracial marriage, (2) upheld the routine exclusion of women from many occupations and official duties, and (3) considered the relegation of racial minorities to separate and assertedly equivalent public facilities and institutions as constitutionally equal treatment.’’

2/23/2009 2:47 PM  
Blogger aaglaas said...

The following comments of Justice Thurgood Marshall also are instructive in this regard: ‘‘History makes clear that constitutional principles of equality, like constitutional principles of liberty, property, and due process, evolve over time; what was once a ‘natural’ and ‘self-evident’ ordering later comes to be seen as an artificial and invidious constraint on human potential and freedom. Compare Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 [16 S. Ct. 1138, 41 L. Ed. 256] (1896), and Bradwell v. Illinois, [83 U.S. (16 Wall.) 130, 141, 21 L. Ed. 442 (1873)] (Bradley, J., concurring in judgment), with Brown v. Board of Education, [supra, 347 U.S. 483], and Reed v. Reed, 404 U.S. 71 [92 S. Ct. 251, 30 L. Ed. 2d 225] (1971).

Shifting cultural, political, and social patterns at times come to make past practices appear inconsistent with fundamental principles on which American society rests, an inconsistency legally cognizable under the equal protection clause. It is natural that evolving standards of equality come to be embodied in legislation. When that occurs, courts should look to the fact of such change as a source of guidance on evolving principles of equality.’’

Senator George C. Jepsen, speaking in favor of gay rights law, explained that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation ‘‘is widespread, even systematic in our society . . . . It is entirely appropriate to address this difficult and important subject in the Congress and in the legislatures across our country.

2/23/2009 2:47 PM  
Blogger aaglaas said...

‘‘In our culture, there has been a consensus on . . . the unique ethical foundations [of marriage]: that the union should be for life (permanency), that the union should be exclusive (fidelity), and that the love that sustains and nurtures the union should be characterized by mutual support and self-sacrifice (selflessness).’’ These ideals apply equally to committed same sex and committed opposite sex couples who wish to marry."

The arguments used in the statutory prohibition against same sex marriage are indeed insufficient to satisfy heightened or intermediate judicial scrutiny.

Because of the significance of marriage in our society, the freedom to marry is an extraordinarily important right for all persons who wish to exercise it.

2/23/2009 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Buttars,

You are so sensitive to being called a hateful bigot, but if the shoes fits you must wear it. Your comments about the LGBT community are outdated, crude, and have no place in the America of the 21st century.

And we are not a "special interest group." We are the American people. We are the ones you serve and answer to as our elected official. And we demand equality. Stop bringing shame to yourself and to the people of Utah. Realize that LGBT people are your brothers and sisters and deserve equal rights as Americans.

2/24/2009 12:53 PM  
Anonymous Justin in DC said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/24/2009 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Buttars -

Please be honest with me. Define the homosexual agenda.

I don't adhere to any agenda except for that proffered by the Constitution of the United States: I am merely securing the same Blessings of Liberty upon me and my family as you have for you and yours.

That's all. I am merely granting myself the same rights and responsibilities under our laws as you.

No more. No less.

Please be honest.

2/24/2009 3:04 PM  
Blogger Laura B said...

Sorry guys. Had to delete a few. Let's keep it clean...

2/24/2009 4:41 PM  
Blogger jbtsax said...

The most unfortunate aspect of this story is the fact that Chris Buttars does indeed represent the views of many members of the LDS church, the Republican Party, and Utah State Legislature. The only difference is that those individuals are smart enough to voice their prejudice and bigotry behind closed doors when they are with their own kind and Senator Buttars apparently is not.

2/24/2009 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Buttars, I respect you for standing up for what is right. I agree that the Homosexual community are basically good people but their agenda is a distortion of what truth, honesty, and integrety is all about and what this country was founded upon--the good all Christian belief of marriage to be between a man and woman. It is intersting to me that the radical segment of the homosexual community feel they can censur your comments but the public, such as yourslef, who disagree with their lifestyle have no freedom of speech rights. We desperately need men with integrity, like yourself, in public office and less of the left-wing radicals who are the real "haters". You have a lot more supporters than you think. Unfortunately, they usually just shake their heads and keep their comments to themselves because they don't want to lower their standards to that of the left-leaning media.

2/24/2009 10:04 PM  
Blogger jbtsax said...

Hate, bigotry, and prejudice dressed up as moral righteousness is still hate, bigotry, and prejudice. Men with integrity do not share these values.

2/25/2009 7:01 AM  
Anonymous Justin said...

How strange. I left a comment saying that one of the reasons that Legio Mortis is so anti-gay is perhaps that he is a homosexual himself, a closeted one at that. We have seen where that led Larry Craig and Ted Haggard. He referred to homosexuals as "fudge packers" and "shit packers."

Somehow, my comment was removed, though Legio's comment lasted for days and days. Hmmm. Freedom of Speech? I think not. But thanks for trying.

And, for the record, I don't think lesbians do anything sexually that resembles "fudge packing" or "shit packing," so come up with another term.

Also, fruit and nuts are good for you.

2/25/2009 7:04 AM  
Anonymous John T said...

It should be obvious to everyone reading this thread by now that Legio Mortis is really Gayle Ruzicka.

JSG - Just Sanctimonious Gayle

2/25/2009 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Jimmie said...

Wow! Sodom & Gomorrah is not about homosexual relationships. It’s about intending harm on one’s neighbor and using homosexual sex to do it. Anyone who can't see that has been blinded by religious teachings.

2/26/2009 4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Butters,

Thank you for expressing your comments the way you did. I agree whole hartedly with your comment! The youth of this generation are following in the footsteps of these individuals and look where we are headed. These people speak of free speach yet look who they voted into office. A president who looks to take away all rights of each american. If they want to do what they do then fine let them do it, but as you can see..... THE TRUTH HURTS!!!! People on this blog have talked about integrity, yet they don't have any. Grow up and look at the world around you! This country is falling apart and yes the morals of todays society are a big part of why this is occurring.

3/01/2009 2:23 PM  
Anonymous John T said...

Hartedly - heartedly

Speach - speech

Todays society - today's society

No wonder "Anonymous" supports Senator Butters. Un-great minds think alike.

Isn't it interesting that almost everyone who agrees with Buttars' bigotry and prejudice has the same name---"ANONYMOUS".
I suppose cowardice and prejudice go hand in hand. The KKK had those nice pointy hoods and they were "Anonymous" as well.

3/03/2009 7:27 AM  
Blogger Sharky said...

According to the National Survey of Family Growth conducted by a division of the Center for Disease Control, more than 80 percent of people who have sex with a person of the same gender admit it was a choice. Over half of the people who have ever had sex with a person of the same gender have not done so in the past 12 months and now identify as hetersexual. Of those who do not identify as heterosexual more than half identify as bisexual.

Facts are confusing for some people.

8/22/2009 2:35 PM  

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