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Friday, July 10, 2009

Salt Lake City's Response

The good folk in Mayor Becker's Office sent this statement in response to Rep. Herrod's E-mail.
The Hispanic residents in our community are a valuable part of our Salt Lake City family. Their rich culture and strong sense of community help, in part, to make Salt Lake City a diverse and dynamic place to call home. I have stated many times my belief and commitment that every member of our community be treated with respect and dignity. Because of that commitment, I reaffirm my position to refuse cross deputization of our police officers, as allowed for by Senate Bill 81, along with the majority of Utah cities.

I am disappointed in Representative Herrod's remarks that question the integrity of our police chief. Chief Burbank has my full support and trust. He along with the entire Salt Lake City Police Department plays a valuable role in protecting and serving our City. It is not an easy job and they perform it with integrity and honor.

Chief Burbank is appropriately focused on keeping our community safe. Both Chief Burbank and I agree that cross deputizing, which is optional but not required under Senate Bill 81, greatly hinders our police department’s ability to prevent criminal activity in our City.

I have invited Representative Herrod to meet with me to resolve his misunderstanding of the data provided and to clarify the misperceptions he has of Hispanics in Salt Lake City.


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Anonymous Robert Wren said...

I didn't note a misperception of Hispanics by Rep. Herrod. He merely attempted to correct the misinformation provided by other sources. It is sad the Mayor's office appears to be trying to make this a race (or ethnicity) issue when it is really about legal immigration status.

SLCity can certainly opt NOT to obtain 287g training - to the detriment of the citizens of the City.

7/11/2009 5:13 PM  

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