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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Including Citizen Media

No news here, gentle citizen, just old stuff. We're discussing the emerging role of citizen media at an NCSL staff training and I just need a place to cache some links.


First Bloggerpresser
: What does a Bloggerpresser look like? :: Invitation :: Post-presser Blog Posts :: Tweets too :: Daily Herald article

Second Bloggerpresser

Excerpts on YouTube. Question 4:03; summary of the bill about 5:36 to 6:28; a brief look at part of the room at 7:54 (wish we had a complete pan - did we get pics?); & watch to the end.

More info re: Senator Steve Urquhart's SB 208 and the third substitute bill that eventually passed.

Evaluating Twitter, back in the day.

Tweet-swarm from the alcohol policy presser

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