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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Day of the Session Workout

  1. The Final 24 Hours
  2. KCPW: Senate Votes to Keep Pay the Same
  3. Daily Herald: Lawmakers vote to keep last year's pay cut
  4. ABC4: Utah legislators decide not to take pay hike
  5. KSL: Winners and losers of the 2010 Legislative Session
  6. SLTrib: Senate backs new campaign finance reporting rules
  7. SLTrib: Regents could get more rural
  8. DNews: Public education budget bill comes down to last day
  9. SLTrib: Will charter schools sink education funds deal?
  10. DNews: Districts to help fund charter schools?
  11. ABC4: Lawmakers make 10 million dollar cut to public education
  12. DNews: Senate Oks bill limiting scholarships
  13. KCPW: Teachers Will Still Get Paid Association Leave
  14. SLTrib: Anti-gang measure heads to guv's desk
  15. DNews: Gang prevention bill passes
  16. SLTrib: Legislature approves holiday for Browning
  17. KCPW: Watered-Down Prosthetic Parity Bill Clears Senate
  18. SLTrib: Senate paves way for road upgrades in Salt Lake County
  19. DNews: Rally at Capitol urges lawmakers to address climate change
  20. Fox 13: Utah House resources Rep and former SLC Mayor debate climate change
  21. Standard Ex: Antelope Island hunting part of budget legislation
  22. Out of Context: Political Cornflakes
  23. Sausage Grinder: Morning of the Last Day

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