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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Staff Highlights: Secretaries

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By Krystle Whitney
Intern in Exile

Being that they are housed in Exile with myself and the operators, I thought tracking down the Senate Secretaries for a Staff Highlight interview would be easy. Not quite. Little did I know how time consuming the life of a secretary is.

These six individuals help run committee meetings, take minutes, tally votes, make copies of bills, post agendas and hunt down the Senators for their signature on different types of documents. “We post agendas and they have to be on the Capitol Board 24 hours in advance,” Lorna said. “We have to watch the clock and if its getting close to that 24 hour time we have to hustle over.”

Because they travel throughout the offices for various signatures, they all agreed that they wish there was one common area where all of the Senate staff could be situated. “If I was to change anything I would get everybody in one place,” Henry said, joking that he does not like being in Exile.

Listed below are the Senate Secretaries:
Rolayne Day, Secretarial Supervisor
Karen C. Allred
Karen Allred
Ernest Hayes
Henry Liu
Lorna Wells
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