Photo Album

Senators consider legislation during the 2004 Legislative Session.

Senators Waddoups and Dmitrich, 2004.

Senator Allen and Janis Christensen at the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore, Utah.

Utah! The most beautiful place on earth. This picture looks north into Zion National Park.

Senators Mansell, Bell, and Bramble discuss legislation.

President Valentine reviews flood damage in Southern Utah.

Senators Carlene Walker, Greg Bell, and John Valentine fielding questions at a town meeting in Logan, Utah.

Flood damage in Southern Utah, 2005.


Mark Madsen calls in a little extra IT support.

Rod Decker covering the Governor's 2005 Inauguration in Fillmore, Utah.


Senators Mayne, Hale, and Davis in the Senate Chamber, 2005.

Legislators hear management concerns at Bear Lake. The gentleman about to fall in (far right) is Senator Waddoups.

Legislative Site Visit in Northern Utah: President John Valentine, Deseret Morning News reporter Josh Loftin, Senator Carlene Walker, and Senator Bramble.

Staff in the Senate Chamber: Greg Johnson, Annette Moore, and Sandy Tenney.

The Governor serves dinner following his 2005 Inauguration in Fillmore.

Senator Curtis S. "Not running for Congress" Bramble, talks with Tribune reporter Rebecca Walsh. Senator Dave Thomas ponders CAFTA in the background.

Aftermath of the Jazz Bear attack on the Utah Senate.

Intern Ben Kingery proposes to Gaby Bradford on the Senate Floor. She said yes.

Senate Minority Leader Mike Dmitrich reading to Utah children in the Gold Room of the Capitol. To his left are Senator Al Mansell, former Speaker Marty Stephens, former Governor Olene Walker and Mr. Walker.

Assistant Majority Whip, Bev Evans studies the Board during the 2005 Session.

Autumn view from the Utah State Capitol Building, which is now under renovation.



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