Senator Allen M. Christensen

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District 19 :: North Ogden, Pleasant View, Ogden's East Bench and Ogden Valley. All of Morgan County, and the rural part of Summit county.

My district is 90 miles long, covers 21 cities, five school districts, and three counties. The people I represent are as diverse as anywhere else in the state. I consider their votes for me as an indication of trust and I work hard to be true to them and to myself.

For 28 years I have loved working with children as a pediatric dentist. My son, who is also pediatric dentist, recently took over my practice. Now I am the associate.

My wife, Janis, and I have six children and eight grandchildren. My family is the very best part of my life. When I decide how to vote on a bill, I try to anticipate how it will affect my family and families in the state.

I respect – and enjoy studying – America’s founding fathers: Lincoln, Adams, Hamilton and many others. They were men far beyond their times. I am constantly amazed at how much there is to learn from these great men and from history.

Part of my political philosophy is described in one of the quotes recorded at the 1787 Constitutional Convention:

“Individuals entering into society, must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest…It is at all times difficult to draw with precision the line between those rights which must be surrendered and those which may be reserved.”

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