Senator Jon Greiner

Senator Jon Greiner

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District 18 :: A nice slice of Davis and Weber Counties, including portions of Ogden City, South Ogden City, Uintah, South Weber City, Sunset City, Layton, Hill Air Force Base, East Layton, and Washington Terrace.

If I had to name a single reason I got involved with politics, it would be this: my friends in Law Enforcement asked me to! Simple but true. I have always been involved in my community and my profession trying to help make things better when I could. When I was a much younger man I heard an expression that stuck with me:

“Public Service is the rent we pay for our time on earth”.

Sir Winston Churchhill gave another defining thought: Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning. It's important for a critic to get in the arena of life and do something positive or remain nothing more than one without courage who never tried.

My hobbies are varied: I enjoy my children’s sporting events, golf, flying, Raptor baseball, golf, scuba diving, Weber State football & basketball, golf, ATV rides, boating, golf, swimming, and did I mention golf?

When a newspaper reporter recently asked for a song that defines my life, I quickly said Toby Keith’s song Beer for My Horses!

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