Senator Tom Hatch

Tom Hatch and Chilli Pepper.

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District 28 :: Garfield, Kane, Iron, Beaver, Millard, and part of Washington County (a.k.a. the most beautiful country on earth)

I grew up eating politics for breakfast, having a father and mother that were both active in the local party. My grandfather served in the legislature in the late forties and early fifties. It's in my genes. I have tried to promote the idea of a limited government with less regulation and less tax burden during my tenure in the legislature. I enjoy the opportunity to represent the citizens of District 28.

Senate District 28 encompasses some of the most beautiful areas on earth. The district includes Kane, Garfield, Iron, Beaver, Millard and the eastern portion of Washington counties. The district is home to some of the fastest growing areas in our state and includes Bryce Canyon, Zion and Great Basin (sort of) National Parks as well as many National Monuments and State Parks.

I enjoy hunting and fly fishing as well a flying my airplane around the district. My heart has never left the ranch and my first love is still to be horseback working with livestock.

Feel free to call me anytime.


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