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Senator David Hinkins

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District 27 :: From Price to the 4 Corners - and all points in between

Hello! I am Senator David Hinkins, newly elected senator for district 27. As you know, Mike Dmitrich held this position for the past 16 years. In the past few years, there have been some negative feelings develop in the environmental communities towards the energy industry in Southeastern Utah. When Mike, a good friend of mine, announced he would retire from the Senate, I knew we needed someone in the mining industry to step up and fill his shoes (or at least try). It was a tough senate race, but I came out on top in the end and I am excited to serve my constituents.

While I am a member of the senate, I would like to see highway 6 and highway 191 (from Spanish Fork to Four Corners area) become much safer highways. I also hope to see more energy development in Southeastern Utah, my corner of the state.

Outside of the legislature, I enjoy spending time ranching, hunting, and raising horses. I also enjoy the time I get to see my children and grandchildren.

I love spending time in my senate district. Please contact me if you need any assistance.

If you need to find me, please call me at home: (435) 749-2828. Thanks!



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