Senator Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins hikes the Grand Canyon
In October 2005, I hiked the Grand Canyon, rim to rim, in 12 hours.

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District 20 :: Ogden, Plain City, Roy, Riverdale and Hooper

I have lived in Utah all my life. In fact, I was raised about 100 feet from where I live now. My five children, their spouses, and my eight grand kids all live in Utah. I would not trade my Plain City roots for anything.

My political approach: Local decisions are better decisions. I believe policy should be made as close to citizens as possible.

Here in the Utah Senate - whenever a vote is called for on a bill - I ask myself two questions:

1. I s this going to create more government?

2. Is this going to raise taxes?

If the answer is yes to either question, I rarely vote for it.

One thing I am excited about is what this state has to offer. Utah not only has the Greatest Snow On Earth, we also boast phenomenal arts, historical sites, outdoor activities, and natural wonders. Ensuring the strength of Utah’s tourism industry will be a top priority for me during the 2006 session. By investing in Utah’s tourism industry now, we are ensuring economic prosperity for years to come.

Thanks for stopping by our blog site. If you need to find me, please call me at home: (801) 731-5120.


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