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District 21 :: From the F-16s to the brine shrimp

My district includes the western portion of HAFB Housing, much of West Layton, Clearfield, Clinton, Syracuse, West Point, a few homes in Hooper, and Antelope Island.

To this day I can’t say exactly why I chose to run for public office. I guess I just have a hard time keeping my yap shut.

Several years ago I became frustrated with events in the local business community and got involved with the local Chamber of Commerce. Within a short time we were able to merge the three local chambers into one. I was also involved in the creation of the Davis Convention and Visitors Bureau. I realized then that I could make a difference.

Politics is simply making a difference through effective leadership and relationships. When I threw my hat in the ring to run for the State Senate I committed to the delegates that I would work for progress in three areas:

1. Economic Development. Hill Air Force Base is critical to our area and holds untapped potential for Northern Utah and the State. I focused on this area and continue to deliver.  I intend to continue trying to find ways to expand the job base in the area keeping jobs that support the Base in this State. During the 2005 Session I successfully ran legislation which channeled 5 million dollars to purchase equipment for HAFB and create several hundred jobs. On September 17, 2005 the gift was accepted  by the Air Force making way for these jobs. Since that time I have focused on Falcon Hill, or the West Side Development, and created the Military Installations Development Authority which will oversee the development of an aerospace research park on the West side of HAFB.  At build out, this development will showcase as much office space as currently exists in Salt Lake City.  

I intend to continue supporting and leading out on efforts to enhance economic development in the aerospace and composites arena.  

2. Transportation. Legacy Highway is complete and open.  I am happy to have been part of bringing the debacle surrounding South Legacy Highway to an end. I have sought to bring focus to smarter transportation planning and financing. By focusing on corridor preservation and working well with all transportation stakeholders, we will save hundreds of millions of dollars through smart planning.

3. Education. I am personally committed to bringing quality choices in education. Davis County has a strong public education system through the Davis School District. I look forward to parents having additional quality choices for their children.

I appreciate the experience serving in the State Senate and consider it an honor.


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